The complete story about Matt Shea's disturbing behavior that goes well beyond the personal into his professional and political life.
For months we've been hearing about Matt Shea's domestic violence, anger issues, dishonesty and threatening behavior. When he tried to intimidate his political opponent by showing up at her house while her children were home alone, it was time to take a closer look. The truth is worth exposing.
Shea's disturbing behavior now on radio!

What is Matt Shea's agenda?

Matt Shea is not only extreme in his actions and personality, but his political agenda is as radical as it gets.

A frequent participant with groups that promote the fanatical agenda of the "Sovereign Citizens," Shea has aligned himself with one of the country's most tyrannical and frightening organizations.1, 2 Sovereign citizens believe laws do not apply to them and their aim is to overthrow the federal government.3 The respected news program 60 Minutes aired a segment exposing the "Sovereign Citizens" as the nation's most serious domestic–terrorism threat.4 The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation classifies "Sovereign Citizens" as anti–government extremists and a domestic terror threat.5 Law enforcement agencies across the country are learning about the Sovereign Citizens, their beliefs and the severe threat they pose, because when Sovereign Citizens have encountered law enforcement officials too many of our public servants across the country have already paid the ultimate price thanks to this radical group.6

Here in Eastern Washington, the "Sovereign Citizens" have raised a red flag as well. The Spokesman Review reports that the Spokane County Sheriff's Office held a training seminar on hate crimes that included a presentation focused specifically on the sovereign movement and Republican Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said he "realizes not everyone espousing sovereign beliefs is prone to violence," but association with a movement that has produced cop killers "raises eyebrows".7 As it should, given that just a few months ago, members of the Sovereign Citizens were arrested after a police standoff near Spokane.8

The thought of any elected official participating with Sovereign Citizens is inconceivable considering their national recognition as a serious domestic terrorist threat and local law enforcement's recognition of them as a regional menace. Yet, Matt Shea not only participates in local and regional Sovereign Citizens meetings and groups,9, 10 he has dedicated himself to promoting their agenda in the State Legislature while representing our 4th Legislative District.

After promoting the Sovereign Citizen agenda to restore the "Constitutional Republic" in his personal manifesto11 Shea sponsored House bill HJM4009 to "put the federal government on notice" of the State's intent to reclaim sovereignty and in essence revolt against the federal government, as he stated in a radio interview with the leader of the radical 10th Amendment Center.12, 13

HJM4009 is not Shea's only radical bill in line with the Sovereign Citizen agenda. In 2009, Shea sponsored H1127.1—House Joint Memorial 4010 asking the federal government to restore silver and gold currency and cease the use of paper money.14

Shea has already tried to push his radical agenda in the State Legislature on behalf of the residents of the 4th District, but if re–elected, Shea has even bigger plans in store. Examples of bills he intends to propose are one requiring the federal government to tender all payments to the state in gold and silver15 and "Sheriff's 1st" legislation which would "formally declare that all federal agents and officers must give notice of, and seek permission before, any arrest, search, or seizure occurs."16 Such legislation is at extreme odds with the experience and actions of local law enforcement, who have partnered very effectively with their Federal counterparts to successfully fight gangs and other large scale criminal issues in the area.17 The Spokane Violent Crimes Gang Task Force, for example, has been considered a huge cross–jurisdictional success, yet, Matt Shea would destroy that partnership in order to further his personal agenda.

Most tellingly, perhaps, is the fact that the man Shea's "Sheriff's First" legislation would give ultimate control to, Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich not only opposes Shea's Sheriff's First proposal, but also has serious concerns about Shea's extreme views.18 Shea appears to agree with the frenzied and repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory that the federal government is keeping political prisoners in so–called "FEMA Camps," and he and his fellow extremists have worked to spread this conspiracy theory far and wide, with Shea himself yet again approaching Sheriff Knezovich with a request to investigate the camps just a few months ago.19

In a radio interview with conspiracy theorist and host Alex Jones, Shea says "his 'patriots,'" as he calls his Spokane–area supporters, are particularly worried about such conspiracies. They are "voting with their pocketbooks and their feet and going to the sports stores and taking ammunition in boxes as they can."20

In a continuation of that same interview, Shea describes his rationale behind his bill to reclaim state sovereignty as being his concern that he is seeing "precursors to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia," then further compares the federal government to Stalin and the Nazis, and goes on to say that the "4th check and balance is a well–armed people."21

Matt Shea's beliefs are fanatical, his actions dangerous, and his representation of the 4th Legislative District unconscionable. Voters in the 4th District must ask themselves if this radical agenda represents their top concerns, or whether they deserve a Representative focused on jobs, the economy, and other issues important to the 4th District.

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