The complete story about Matt Shea's disturbing behavior that goes well beyond the personal into his professional and political life.
For months we've been hearing about Matt Shea's domestic violence, anger issues, dishonesty and threatening behavior. When he tried to intimidate his political opponent by showing up at her house while her children were home alone, it was time to take a closer look. The truth is worth exposing.
Shea's disturbing behavior now on radio!

Should Voters be Disturbed by Allegations of Domestic Violence?

According to Lisa Shea's Declaration filed on July 20, 20071 in the Spokane County Superior Court, Shea's marriage fell apart in 2007 after his wife could no longer tolerate his abuse. Court papers state the he treated his wife like a possession and believed he had control of her every move. He even forced her to give him the inheritance she received from her father.

As their divorce proceedings moved forward, his wife was granted the first of many restraining orders banning Shea from making contact with her, and ordering Shea to surrender his guns.2, 3 Moreover, the Court specifically recognized that Shea had committed physical, mental and emotional abuse against his wife. According to a September 21, 2007 Police report, Shea violated his wife's restraining order less than 3 weeks later.4

Additional facts continued to come to light throughout the Sheas' divorce proceedings. According to court documents, Shea grabbed his wife multiple times by the arm with such force he left her with visible bruises. In a separate incidence, Tino Vargas testified under oath that he witnessed Matt Shea scream at his wife, "grab her arm very hard and violently and push her into [their] van."5

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