The complete story about Matt Shea's disturbing behavior that goes well beyond the personal into his professional and political life.
For months we've been hearing about Matt Shea's domestic violence, anger issues, dishonesty and threatening behavior. When he tried to intimidate his political opponent by showing up at her house while her children were home alone, it was time to take a closer look. The truth is worth exposing.
Shea's disturbing behavior now on radio!

Matt Shea: Unfit for Public Service

While you might be focused on the headline grabbing races for President and Governor, some disturbing things have been happening in Spokane Valley's 4th Legislative District. Our elected representative, Matt Shea, has dishonored our district with a string of abusive and threatening behavior. Shea's behavior is not only embarrassing, but it makes us wonder about his temperament to serve in public office. Click through the site to learn more about Shea's shameful record.